Box of 3 (PYO)


A mini rigid, branded box for postal orders, gifts or just pretty packaging for your own tasty treats!

  • GF Triple Choc Brownie

    Gooey, intense chocolate brownie with white, milk and dark chocolate chunks. Gluten Free.

  • GF Salted caramel and dark choc ganache brownie

    Gooey, intense chocolate brownie, smothered in salted caramel and topped with a dark chocolate ganache! Gluten Free.

  • GF Cheesecake brownie

    Gooey, intense chocolate brownie and vanilla cheesecake - a firm favourite! Gluten free.

  • White Chocolate Raspberry Blondie

    Josie's Favourite!! Butterscotch sweet Blondie studded with white chocolate chunks and juicy, tart raspberries.

  • Triple Choc Brownie

  • Salted Caramel & Dark Choc Ganache Brownie

    Chocolate brownie base topped with oozing salted caramel and finished with a dark chocolate ganache

  • Cheesecake brownie

  • Ginger and Dark Chocolate Blondie

    Butterscotch and ginger Blondie with crystalised ginger and dark chocolate chunks. There is a certain lady with a serious addiction to these..

  • After Eight Brownie

    An intense chocolate and mint brownie base with after eight mint chocolates dotted and topped throughout.

  • GF After Eight Brownie

    A Gluten-free, intense chocolate and mint brownie adorned with after eight chocolates.