About Me

My passions in life have always been animals, the sea and food. I was taught the value of great
quality home cooking and grew up watching my parents in the kitchen. The baker of the family has always been Granny Rose. No occasion could pass without one of Rose’s speciality cakes! This is where my commitment to baking started. I would spend days in Granny Rose’s kitchen baking and visiting cafés and tea rooms together – we always said we would open a café one day and SJB feels like a little nod to this dream.

I worked with animals on and off for years and had baking as a hobby, never quite daring to take a leap. After my son was born I found my drive for a job based around animals waning.

Granny Rose

An opportunity to work in the kitchen at The Cricklade Club brought me to an industry I’d always been intrigued by and the GORGEOUS Sophie and Talia were generous enough to give me the freedom to try whatever recipes I could dream up! The positive feedback and support, along with encouragement from my wonderful friends and family gave me the confidence to finally start my own business.

And so a very warm, sweet and chocolatey welcome to.. Sweet Josephine Bakes